by The Weak Days

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released July 7, 2017

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Chris Teti @ Silver Bullet Studio
Additional help from Greg Thomas and Chris Yeti @ Silver Bullet Studio
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Songs by The Weak Days
Signature Chris Teti Snare Sound by Chris Teti

The Weak Days are:
Tommy McPhail: Guitar, Vocals, etc.
Dustin Reinink: Percussion, Vocals, etc.

Additional vocals on the record by

Carly Commando (Track 2)
David F. Bello (Track 6)

Dylan Wachman
Andrew "Koji" Shiraki
Evan Thomas Weiss
Chris Farren
Zoe Allaire
Casey Bolles
JT Kelly
Sebastian Cichon
Anastasia Rivera
Chris Teti
Tyler Conrad
And others...

Art and Design by Evan Wachowski



all rights reserved


The Weak Days Richmond, Virginia

everything is tight

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Track Name: National Harbor, MD
Everything is tight

We are fine right here tonight
Despite constant panic attacks and uncertainty in our lives
This kind of conversation brings a tear to my eye
Felt I was missing out, but this is living, and you smile

5am, staring at the DC skyline
Ferris wheel outlined in neon lights
The first turning over and over, beginning our lives
Goose bump waves bring in the last words of our night

Let me go round again
Everything feels right
Let me go round again
Everything is tight

Everything feels fucked
But we don't have the worst so we just deal with what we’ve got
A sense of constant failure through constant comparison
gotta redefine what it means to be, a privileged place, gotta lean into this thing

Arcade lights haze the dull roar of your drunken night
You look at me with earnesty in a smile
“I hate you", and I quote, it fucked me up
"what will we say when we die", well I hope...
Track Name: You're Enough
Maybe if I close my eyes I’ll disperse and displace myself through this velvet and low underneath.
Expand gas to the room and feel weightless like I’d like to...
I speak in reactions to others inaction; think all my problems were caused by my own
Silence; problematic with blindness; But now I am speaking.

And you're gonna hear me.

Traced lattice impressed onto your skin; you pull away I do the same when you touch my leg.
Things have been eating me from the inside out;
Can’t help but want to rip away all I have..
From myself and from you.
When I’m let down I don’t know what to do, did I not think this through?

All I could bring myself to say was tight.
I'm sorry for the days when I had nothing to say.
Don't feel like I can claim this pain.
But I feel I need to speak up, and share honesty.
Track Name: Kodachrome
You said I don't get it and you're probably right.
And that I'll never get it; I think that that's tight.
Doesn't mean I don't love you, doesn't mean I don't care.
Just means I have to listen more than I did.

And that's tight.

A synthesis of thought, on three hour talks.
You and I don't have to choose the same path to walk.
There’s some notes in my phone for when I’m all alone.
Words of encouragement in voices I hold close.

So everything’s tight.

A moment of validation juxtaposed restless discourse.
You're fine the way you are; you're enough, just do best what you can do best.
So call out, call out the missteps when I talk too loud.
I need to learn when to keep my head down...

Hyper realistic view;
Held to the goal of Kodachrome.
Plated over shame.
I promise I'm listening.
Track Name: Everything Is Cooler In Space
Maybe we can be more than we are.
Maybe delusions of grandeur aren't delusions at all.
Track Name: Evan Thomas Weiss
It smells like water from a hose; it's specific, yeah I know.
But one year later wax stained brick let me know we couldn't wash you out

Do you know you sold out your funeral? How many times did you sing along?
Would you think of yourself as a success? Or is it loaded asking you now?

It's always point and place.
Lake Ontario quiet for Tommy and me.
For Laura Lee it's a blue-green lake in Knoxville, TN.
Where you found it I'd like to see.

Take a breathe to a fresh start on how to do this without the doubt.
I'm looking for advice in things I don't think you said to me.

Shared experience we all have; it’s a pit in the stomach we all know too well.
What helped on the hard nights? Is it the belly laugh you taught me?

It's always point and place
Lake Ontario quiet for Tommy and me.
For Laura-Lee it's a blue-green lake in Knoxville, TN.
where you found it I'd like to see.

It's the campfire smell of a Michigan May.
It's the time I stained my hands in a mulberry tree.
It's the physical manifestation of a complex feeling;
Point and place to remind me to breathe.

Self imposed pressure to succeed;
Reminded I'm separate in a diner with people I love to see.
But I get so worked up in remembering I measure things differently.
I know that shit is tight, but I can't help thinking there's something I'm missing.

Gone before you're 23, I'm measuring success in our twenties.
Gone before you're 23, more here than was, now fleeting.
How do you measure success? When I compare I lose so much.
How can this be positive when I question all this shit..?
Track Name: PFWYWH
It feels like i’ve been missing some things.
I cry the moment I hear it cause it felt like talking to an old friend.
And there’s singing angels behind you.

I don’t believe in heaven; i just believe in us.
Prove to me this is possible, voice creates footholds in mountains.
I don’t believe in heaven, I just believe in us.
Prove to me this is possible, maybe this is what we mean by God.

Nothing matters except what you make matter.
Everything’s tight if you just say it is tonight.
Nothing matters except what you do and make
Matter; wish you were here, everything's tight.
Track Name: Non Sibi
But everything is tight.
Despite this all this shit were still alive.
Perspective is just not a friend on our side.

Cause I see everything that they're doing;
All the positives and all of their friends.
To be blunt I wish I saw Them struggling like I know I am.

In response I do everything I can;
It don't work out great, but I think that I
Might just go fuckin' crazy if I keep this up like I am.

But everything is tight

Well I'm learning that strength isn't taking other’s problems and making them mine.
Truth is we can't always relate, it's hard to get through my mind.

Sometimes the people you love are the ones you hurt most.
Well you try your best, but you can’t control everything they do,
but when you let them grow they’ll surprise you.
I’ll learn to let go.

You can do anything, but you can't do everything

There's so much peace in quiet.
Sometimes all you can do is listen.
It’s not always about you and me.
And honestly, that's the tightest thing.